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A Family-Run Dairy

At Grateful Hill Farm, we believe cheesemaking is an art. We lovingly craft each cheese by hand, ensuring the best quality every time. But for us, this practice extends far beyond the kitchen. It begins with the care and treatment of our land and animals.

Our goats freely graze all year under a pine forest canopy rich with vegetation (blackberries are a favorite). Because our goats browse their natural habitat, the terroir of our lush Southern farmland shines through in our cheese.  We are committed to the most humane treatment for our animals so they will produce delicious, sweet milk. With an organic mindset, we work with our natural environment to keep our practices sustainable, socially responsible, and environmentally-friendly.  We limit the size of our herd to ensure that our goats receive loving care, plenty of land to browse, and space to graze openly. 


Our love for the Earth and our animals is reflected in the mouthwatering product we create daily on our farm, where every batch of cheese is treated as a work of art.  Learn more about our process by contacting us!

9283 Tallokas Road Pavo GA United States 31778


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We believe traditional European methods of cheesemaking produce cheese with the fullest flavor. This means we create our own cultures made from our farm-fresh milk, not from freeze-dried packets. Our rennet is natural, not genetically modified or synthetic.  Our methods are time-honored, hundreds of years old, and rely on the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. The result is artisanal, hand-crafted cheese that tastes decadent and unique to our region.


Our chèvre is created every day with fresh, sweet goat milk and the utmost attention to detail. Each batch has its own subtle hint of our Southern terroir, bursting with creamy notes of fresh pine and sweet berries. Pair it with local jam or savor it in its pure form. Either way, you'll taste the love in every bite.

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